Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy

What CSR means to us

Our vision is simple. We aim to align our business interests with the core social and environmental interests of our employees, suppliers, clients and the communities in which we operate, both global and national. This provides us with a robust and inclusive platform to drive forward our business whilst remaining true to our core corporate responsibility values.

As a successful and dynamic business, we understand that our decisions have an impact on those around us and our environment, so the interests of our stakeholders are placed at the very heart of our strategic planning and development. To make a real difference, we understand that a holistic approach is needed so we expect and encourage those who we do business with to take account of our vision.


Charitable giving is part of our culture but this means more to us than just writing a cheque. We have always been a responsible and proactive business, committed to supporting worthy causes. We work closely with appointed charities to support their projects and help them achieve their goals.

We are fortunate to have employees who feel equally as strongly about contributing to our chosen charities and, in recent years, we have demonstrated our commitment by giving our time, ideas and support to a variety of charities. Needless to say, we are very proud of the contribution made by our Partners and employees over the years.


In addition to working with annual charity partners, we also play an active role in supporting other good causes, including local Community Groups, Clubs and Associations. As well as supporting these local Groups and events through sponsorships and donations, our partners sit on committees and steering groups and our employees are actively encouraged to participate in their communities. In some cases we are able to provide professional advice and support on a pro bono basis which is often invaluable to the continued success of the recipient Group.


We are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities and aim to remove or at the very least mitigate any negative impact that our business may have on our surroundings. Efficiency has always been at the centre of our decision making.

At present we focus on three key areas, namely:-

  • Reducing the amount of waste we produce;
  • Maximising the amount of recycling undertaken; and
  • Reducing our energy consumption.

The firm are currently working towards ISO50001 Energy Management certification with the objective of reducing carbon emissions across the firm. A copy of our Energy Policy is available to our clients upon requests.

Diversity and Personal Development

We guarantee equal opportunities for all employees and promote a culture of diversity, understanding and personal development in our business. The health, happiness and safety of our employees and their dependents is of paramount importance to us and we strive to provide an environment that balances this against the pressures of a busy life.


We are committed to providing a quality service to our customers and ensuring that your information is kept safe and secure. We have achieved ISO27001 Information Security Management certification and are working towards ISO9001 Quality Management and ISO22301 Business Continuity Management certification and copies of our policy documents are available upon request.

CSR Monitoring

Responsibility for CSR monitoring and policy is devolved to a committee, which is headed by one of our Partners and the committee regularly meets to assess our performance on CSR and discuss new CSR initiatives.

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