Self-invested personal pensions

A self-invested personal pension or SIPP is a personal pension plan but with one very significant difference: the plan holder has freedom to choose and change from a wider range of options.

As well as the usual core investments: funds, equities, bonds and cash you can access a wide range of investments, including:

  • Mutual funds
  • Cash deposits
  • Exchange traded funds
  • Structured products
  • Government bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Insurance company funds or policies

You can also invest directly in the shares of UK and overseas companies

Specialist investments - commercial property

Investing in commercial property with a SIPP gives you:

  • Cash-flow enhancement - if you own the property you trade from why not sell it to your SIPP
  • Tax-free growth in the property value - no Capital Gains Tax liability on the property sale
  • Income Tax free rental income
  • Protection against market volatility - the commercial property market is generally considered less volatile than investing in company shares, but remember investing in a single property could reduce liquidity as property can take longer to sell
  • Tax relief for business users - if you use the premises for your own business, any rent paid is an allowable business expense
  • Potentially, no Inheritance Tax liability - the property doesn't form part of your estate on death

One of the main attractions of a SIPP is that commercial property can be purchased by an individual or even by a group of people. SIPPs allow borrowing of up to 50% of the net value of the existing assets within your plan to assist with a purchase.

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They are very pro-active with my investments and always strive to maximise my returns.

G. Tonner, personal financial planning client

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