24 Dec 2014

Comment: Get a Head Start On The Crowd And Maximise Your Property’s Potential

Comment: Get a Head Start On The Crowd And Maximise Your Property’s Potential


Sheila Cumming, Valuer, discusses her top tips for marketing and selling your home.

For most home owners, property is the biggest most single valuable asset you will ever own. Once you decide to sell, you will want to use the best agent to maximise your selling prospects, reach the widest possible market and work hard for you to get the best possible price.

Put yourself in the buyer's shoes

You, as the seller, will also have your part to play in the whole process. It is worthwhile stepping back and taking time to see your property through the eyes of a potential buyer. Of course it is the home you have lived in and enjoyed during your time there and sometimes there can be little things that you just don’t notice. 

Normally, you will be living there until you sell, but it is a little known fact that de-personalising your home helps prospective purchasers to picture themselves living there.

Kerb appeal is undoubtedly the most important aspect. That old adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” really is true. You want to grab your buyer’s attention at the earliest opportunity. Is there anything blocking the path or drive? Does anything need repair, tidied up?  Would the front door benefit from a lick of paint? Lay out the patio furniture, make it look inviting.  Would a new plant in a colourful pot really cheer up the outside?

You’ve set the scene outside and they like what they see. As they step inside, those first few moments can make or break that sale. Again, step back and take a good look. Is there anything that you are just used to living with? Stepping over your beloved Fido’s bed which you never even notice as he is part of the family and you love him so much. To a buyer, it’s an obstacle and they might not necessarily like pets.

The little things count

The two most important rooms in the house are the kitchen and the bathroom. This is often what can make or break a sale. You might have a three or four bedroom property and are moving because the family have all flown the coop and you’re rattling around in a house that is too big for you. You only need one or two bedrooms now so the third bedroom in your current home is used as a dumping ground. A potential buyer can therefore be viewing what they believe to be a three bedroom property yet all they have seen is two bedrooms and a store room. They then obviously don’t want to pay for what they perceive as a two bedroom property with a three bedroom price tag.

It can be little things that make up a buyer’s mind.  Never believe that buyers can see beyond anything other than what is in front of their nose. What they see is the impression they go away with.

You wouldn’t sell your car without sprucing it up, presenting it at its absolute best, perhaps have it valeted and have it gleaming when you have any potential buyers coming to view.

You wouldn’t go on a first date without looking your absolute best, maybe a new hairdo or outfit, get your nails done, you want to make a big impression.

Why not do the same when selling your property. There are lots of television programmes and magazines around giving tips and advice. Many sellers already have their property in pristine condition ready for marketing, but it still pays just to step back and put on the buyer’s hat and see it from their prospective. This could be what gives you the advantage over other competing properties.


We, as your selling agent, will do everything in our power to sell your property and achieve the best price for you, we want to work with you, give you our best advice and together we can make your sale and onward purchase as stress free and as enjoyable a process as we possibly can.  

The property market remains buoyant, interest rates remain low, the economy seems to be recovering so all bodes well for 2015. Be bold, take that initial step and take it now, there’s nothing to lose, you could be enjoying your new home when others are still pondering whether to sell or not.

So, instruct us now for a free no obligation valuation and get a head start on the crowd. To arrange a valuation click here

Sheila Cumming, Valuer

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