24 Nov 2015

Comment: Tips for selling property in Perth

Comment: Tips for selling property in Perth


James McKay, Branch Manager, shares his best tips for selling property in Perth.

Most buyers form their first impressions of a house within seconds of walking through the door. To help make your property sale successful, we have put together some simple tips for you below: 

  • Perth is at the centre of the Scottish road network.  Make sure you mention the easy access to Broxden, and that the central belt can be easily reached in under one hour’s drive.
  • Buy to let landlords like properties offering easy access to the college.  If you are on the bus route to the college, make sure you point this out.
  • Bungalow’s are always sought after in Perth, particularly with easily maintained gardens.  Ensure your garden is low maintenance and access is easy throughout your bungalow with minimal furniture cluttering up the rooms.
  • Large family dining kitchens are important to buyers.  Ensure you show the space for a dining table and any seating furniture in the kitchen area if possible
  • Garages look an awful lot bigger if they are not full of junk.  Have a clear out before viewing day to show your garage off at its best.
  • If your garden is your pride and joy, make sure it looks its best as many Perth buyers love a showpiece garden

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