08 May 2012

School pupils learn about Snoopers Law

School pupils learn about Snoopers Law

School pupils discuss the case for a new 'Snooper's Law'.

School pupils discuss the case for a new 'Snooper's Law'.

Local school pupils have been considering the arguments for and against a proposed new law which would give the government powers to to check up on who people phone, which
websites they visit and who they send e-mails to. 

Encouraging youngsters to discuss such important legal issues is part of a national  education programme supported by Aberdein Considine.  

We are members of the Schools Law & Citizenship Web, an imaginative scheme which brings teachers and lawyers together to introduce young people to the legal system and other important aspects of citizenship. 

The project uses current news stories to bring topics to life in the classroom. 

The proposal for a new law to force phone and internet companies to hand over details of their customers' activities is under discussion at ministerial level though no final decision has been taken.  Critics of the idea have labelled it a new 'Snooper's Law'. 

The aim of the topic lesson provided to schools is not to support any particular policy but to encourage pupils to consider the arguments for & against this and other similar matters of citizenship.   Like all Schools Law Web materials, the worksheets were produced by practising classroom teachers and aim to encourage young people to grow into thoughtful, responsible, active citizens. 

Aberdein Considine is very pleased to be part of such a practical project that helps our schools make young people aware of important citizenship issues as well as the way the law must adapt to changes seen in a modern society. 

Anyone who wishes to view the weekly news lessons distributed to schools in our area can do so by following the link below:


Further information is available from the Project Director, Patrick Gaffney, at: schoolslawweb@gmail.com

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