20 Aug 2012

The Scottish Legal Profession - English Takeover?

The Scottish Legal Profession - English Takeover?

Harvey Aberdein, Managing Partner charts the way forward for Aberdein Considine.

Harvey Aberdein, Managing Partner charts the way forward for Aberdein Considine.

It cannot have escaped the notice of those with an interest in Scots Law that a number of large English based law firms have been in acquisitive mode recently.

Some long established Scottish firms have been swallowed up by our southern cousins.

This has occurred at a time when a significant number of firms north of the Border have been swallowed up in amalgamations or takeovers.

A sign of this unprecedented recession and economic hard times?
Short answer - yes!
There is no doubt that finances have been a major factor in most, if not all such cases.
There is no reason why the legal profession should be immune from the business pressures felt by the majority of our clients. 

The Law Market has also changed. A degree of specialisation, unheard of 15 or 20 years ago, is now required across the board.

So where stands Aberdein Considine? 

From Day One our dream was to build a broadly based law firm which could compete with, and beat, the best.
Our highest priority has always been, and remains, client satisfaction.

The award of Law Firm of the Year 2011 / 12 - large firm category - by the prestigious Law Awards of Scotland was a recognition of just how far we have come since the original team of 5 commenced business in 1981.

It also probably marked the "end of the beginning" for us.

Our vision now is to create Scotland's first truly general, nationwide Legal and Financial Practice offering services of the highest quality.

A firm which will be both broad enough and specialised enough to cater for the needs of all our clients whether private individuals or commercial enterprises.

The recent openings of our new Livingston and Glasgow offices are further important milestones on our journey. 

Watch this space!

Harvey Aberdein, Managing Partner

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