02 Jun 2014

Evening Express Feature: "We turned steading into our ideal home"

Evening Express Feature: "We turned steading into our ideal home"

Aberdein Considine Property New Boghead Steading, Cross Of Jackston, Rothienorman, features in an Evening Express editorial.

Aberdein Considine Property New Boghead Steading, Cross Of Jackston, Rothienorman, features in an Evening Express editorial.

"We turned steading into our ideal home. Country retreat with lovely outlook

IT TOOK a lot of work to turn this former steading into a dream home.

With damage to the roof and interior, it underwent a complete transformation to evolve into a modern living space.

Lois and Steven Petrie took on the challenge after being presented with the opportunity in 2006.

“We bought the steading from Steven’s parents as the building was part of the land their farmhouse was on,” Lois said. “We converted the property ourselves and it did take a lot of work. It was a derelict steading when we got it.”

Former architectural technician Lois, 36, was excited by the project and the opportunity to renovate a traditional property. “We had to do everything, it was re-roofed and we rebuilt walls and totally fitted out the inside. It took about two years from buying it until it was ready for us to move in. “We put in double glazing, insulation and under floor heating throughout the property. It keeps you warm in the winter along with the wood burning stove.”

Refitted and refurbished into a spacious, modern and comfortable home the property features neutral decoration throughout, complimented by picturesque views of the surrounding area.

Ensuring that the interior became a modern and inviting living space was important to Lois and Steven, 38, and their three children, Arin, six, Finn, five and Iona, one. “It’s pretty much all white inside. You get a great view out of all the windows so we kept it quite neutral. It’s a relaxing place to live,” Lois said. “We’ve also got solid oak flooring in the lounge dining room and the kitchen and all of the hallways are all limestone. It’s just the bedrooms that have carpet.”

Featuring four good- bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, the accommodation is ideal for a family. The stunning lounge and modern kitchen are great when spending some time at home. “My favourite room is the kitchen, I love it. The view from the window is lovely. “It’s only the cooker you can see because the rest is all integrated it keeps it nice and clean,” said Lois.

A large attic, hall cupboards and the external detached garage offer plenty of storage options for keeping items tucked away. “There’s lots of great storage, we have a large utility room and we have two cupboards in the hallway and cupboards in all the bedrooms. We don’t struggle to store things,” Lois said.

Outside the large private garden, complete with vegetable plot, has been a great place to have a barbecue and invite over friends. “The surrounding area is beautiful and the garden is surrounded by a beech hedge giving it a bit of privacy,” said Lois. “We have had a few big barbecues as well; it’s great for having people round, especially in the summer.”

The family are poised to move to Scandinavia as Steven takes up a new role with his company Centrica Energy. Setting up a new home in Norway the family will miss their home back in the North-east of Scotland. “I will miss the view the most I think, it’s beautiful and the garden is great for the boys playing football,” Lois said. “Bringing up my three children in the house is my favourite memory; it’s been a great home for them and for us as they started to grow up.”"

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