14 Nov 2013

Winter - A Good Time to Sell?

Winter - A Good Time to Sell?

Fiona Wildgoose, Partner, discusses the advantages of marketing your property for sale during the winter months.

Fiona Wildgoose, Partner, discusses the advantages of marketing your property for sale during the winter months.

Traditionally, it has always been perceived that certain times of the year, such as Spring, are better for selling properties than others. Winter would not generally be thought of as a good time to put your property on the market for sale. However, arguably the traditional seasonal uplifts in the property market are not as marked as they once were, and winter can in fact be a very good time to sell your property. 

It is true that sales over the winter are lower than they are at other times of the year – that’s not surprising when Christmas is slap bang in the middle of winter. But sales don’t come to an end by any means. Buyers don’t stop looking for homes to buy just because its winter. Would you turn down the chance to buy your ideal home just because it was November, December or even January? No, and there are not many prospective purchasers out there who would.

Even if the number of transactions does decline at this time of year, prices generally don’t. The market does not go to sleep over the winter.

In fact, there can be distinct advantages to putting your home on the market in winter. For a start, there is less choice for buyers because a lot of sellers would not think of putting their house on the market in winter time. That can help your home to stand out from the crowd and, with less competition for buyers, you have a better chance of selling.

Moreover, some properties look positively inviting in the winter. As the nights close in, when lights go on a lot earlier and everyone turns up their heating thermostats, towns and cities seem warm and welcoming places, and your home will too. Lights shining from windows and a roaring fire (if you have one) give a homely feel and a reassuring impression that your home is warm and cosy. This is especially true in well established residential locations, particularly those with a high proportion of flats and terraced homes where gardens are a less prominent feature.

There are certain things you should not do, however, if putting your property in the market in winter time. Whatever you do, don’t have photos of your home taken with the Christmas decorations up! They look out of date the moment you get to January. If you are thinking of selling, get the photos taken before you decorate your home.

So, with less competition and buyers very much still out there looking for properties, Winter is arguably a much better time to sell than many would expect. Why wait until Springtime, as many sellers will do, and hit the market at the same time as many other properties, thereby increasing dramatically your level of competition. Steal the march on the competition and look to market your property now.

Aberdein Considine is delighted to offer a free no obligation valuation service. Our experienced property valuers located throughout our nationwide branch network will be happy to share their vast knowledge of the local market in your area. We shall provide advice and support tailored to suit your particular property and ensure a speedy and stress free sale for you at the best possible price.

Fiona Wildgoose, Partner

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