06 Jul 2018

10 things you need to sort after moving home

10 things you need to sort after moving home

Just moved home, or is your moving date coming up soon? There's a number of things you should do just after moving. Don't forget to get all of these sorted.

1. Redirect your mail

Changing where your mail is delivered is a must and it something that you can set up quite easily through the Royal Mail Redirection service.

2. Get your utilities set up

Getting all your utilities and services set up for the new address should be on your list of things to do. Have you transferred your TV licence, got your broadband setup started? No, then you probably should.

3. Get Insurance

Now that you’ve got your new home it’s time to get house insurance to make sure that should anything go wrong, you’re fully covered. Don’t let this one slip your mind as it’s one of the most important things you should do.

4. Update your finances

You should really ensure that your address is updated on all your financial services like banking and credit cards. This will ensure that you’re still going to be receiving any important information that they’re sending you as well as any replacement or new cards that they send out.

5. Update the DVLA

Want to avoid a potential £1000 fine if you’re caught with the wrong address on your driving licence, then let the DVLA know that you’ve moved home. It shouldn’t cost you anything to have your new licence sent to you with the correct details, so don’t put it off.

6. Register with local health services

Changing your doctor/dentist/optician is something that you may need to do if you’ve moved too far away from where you were previously registered, so do some research and find the best options in your new local area. Alternatively if you’re still within reach of your current health service then update them with your new address details too.

7. Tell your family and friends

Wondering why you haven’t received any birthday cards in the mail on your birthday? You probably forgot to give everyone your new address details. Do it now.

8. Update your will or get a will

This may be your first property or it may be your fourth. Your Will should be reviewed if you move home to ensure it takes account of the new property and to check that it is not affected by the disposal of the old property. You may not have a will, but it’s definitely something that you should have now that you’re a homeowner.

9. Change the locks

This isn’t something that you must do, but in the interests of security it’s always a good idea to have new locks installed. That way you know that you’re the only people with a set of keys to your new home.

10. Talk to a financial adviser

Now that you’ve got a new home, you should probably assess your current financial situation by speaking to a financial adviser. Moving home can be a costly experience and understanding your finances will enable you to plan for the months ahead. You may have to put off the upgrades that you were planning for a while, so it’s good to know where you should review your spending until you’re back on your feet.

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