20 Sep 2017

Time to declutter? Check out our top tips...

Time to declutter? Check out our top tips...

Autumn is fast approaching and as the cooler weather and darker nights creep in, there's no better time to get organised around the house.

Having a clear out and throwing away items you no longer need is the perfect first step to decluttering your home. To help make the process smooth and easy, we have put together a few of our top tips to hopefully make your house feel like a home again.

1) Rome wasn't built in a day

Start small, set yourself realistic goals and don't try to do too much at once. Give yourself 20 minutes to clear out your wardrobe and then move onto the chest of drawers afterwards. This will help motivate you and stop you feeling too overwhelmed about the amount you have to do.

2) Need it, want it, love it

Deciding on what stays and what goes will almost certainly be the hardest part of this process. We all accumulate bits and bobs over the years that bring back memories or have emotions attached to them, but try to look forward and see if it's something you will need in the near future. This won't be easy so if there are some items you really can't decide on box them up and put them in storage for a couple of months. When you come back to the box you might feel differently about the items inside. 

3) Recycle, reuse, re-home (bin)

An important part of decluttering is deciding where the items you longer need should go - one person's rubbish could be someone else's treasure! If the item is of value perhaps look into selling it online or if it's an item of clothing simply not to your taste anymore, pop it on the charity shop pile. If the item is in poor condition or broken then some things just need to go in the bin!

4) Don't go it alone

Make sure if you are clearing a space that others use you get them involved in the process. It isn't fair to make decisions on other people's belongings and also when you get stuck on that one item you haven't used in the last year or so but want to keep for a 'special occasion' they could be the voice of reason you need...

5) It doesn't need to be a chore

Life's all about having fun and decluttering your home doesn't need to be any different. Stick some music on in the background and enjoy uncovering lost items and living back memories. When you find that dusty photograph under the bed of you and a friend having a blast on holiday send them a snap of it to make them chuckle as well!

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