13 Sep 2017

Dr Foster shows us how NOT to separate...

Dr Foster shows us how NOT to separate...

Those watching the new series of BBC 1 drama Dr Foster on Tuesday evenings are witness to a master class on how not to separate.

Villainous husbands, vengeful wives, unhappy and anxious children all wrapped up in a perfect storm of unwise decision making.

If you are one of the many of viewers shouting ‘don’t do it’ at the screen, rest assured there is an alternative. It really doesn’t have to be that way.

While stalking and uninvited estate agents turning up at the former matrimonial home are not unheard of behaviours, the absolute misery engulfing the family at the centre of the melodrama could have been avoided if only one of the Fosters had found a specialist family lawyer to guide them through these darkest hours.

Dignity and restraint

We’re at episode 2 of the second series and not a sensible piece of legal advice seems to have been sought or offered to ease the Fosters’ increasing spiral of fury.

Rather than glaring at the symbolic dent on her wedding ring finger, Dr Foster's time would be better spent online searching for a suitably qualified legal professional.

While the emotional turmoil of separating from your life partner can never be erased, obtaining legal advice and perspective from a specialist family lawyer can allow those affected to navigate the experience with dignity and restraint, while ensuring an outcome designed to achieve fairness. 

This is especially important where there are children involved. The devastation which can befall a child in these circumstances is all too evident in Tom, the warring couple's sad and confused teenager.


Thankfully, not every couple separates in such melodramatic fashion.

In cases like the Fosters', a sympathetic and experienced lawyer can help each client gain perspective - and hopefully a financial settlement and a balanced caring arrangement all set-up to meet the needs of any children of the relationship. 

Avoiding family estrangement and unwise decision making is easier if you have a trusted and unflustered professional looking after your interests.

Aberdein Considine offers such family law services throughout Scotland, a steady hand designed to help avoid the horror of the Fosters’ dysfunction unravelling on our screens every week.

Legal expertise

Our offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Stirling and Glasgow all have dedicated family lawyers specialising in all family difficulties. 

They are able to offer a complete family service from initial advice designed to explore all options and outcomes from negotiated settlement to potential mediation, collaborative resolution and if absolutely necessary, litigation.

If you would like to speak to one of our solicitors, click here.

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