22 Sep 2021

What would the 'Friends' apartment look like with today's modern décor?

What would the 'Friends' apartment look like with today's modern décor?

It's been 17 years since we saw Friends close the doors on one of the TV's most iconic apartments. So how would it look today if each of the characters had given it a 2021 makeover?

Interior design company Modsy answered that question by taking the famous top-floor New York apartment and giving it a modern makeover in the personality of each character.

From the purple walls to the giant white statue of Pat the Dog, it sounds almost blasphemous to consider making changes... but once you see how a little TLC can change a space, you'll gladly hang up your 90's nostalgia for this apartment.

Monica & Chandler

Let's say instead of moving to West Chester, Monica and Chandler decided to raise the twins in the city and use the money to bring the apartment into the modern age.

"Could this apartment be any more fabulous?"

The purple door remains, but the walls now sport a neutral paint job. We also say goodbye to the teal kitchen cabinets and hello to dark tones that really make the new white tiles pop.

Now Monica was never one for matching furniture, and nor she should. Sticking with mixing up the furnishings, we see rustic vibes flowing through the apartment. It strangely marries minimalism and maximalism together, if that was even possible. Have you noticed that the fridge magnets are also no more? And that half of the kitchen cabinets have been removed?

Another nod to the famous purple is here as a feature wall, but this time we see the absence of the French poster as the television has become flatter and wider.

With new lightened tones throughout the apartment luckily the wooden accents bring warmth to the space.

Thanks to the pandemic, a home office is a must, and with Chandler no doubt being asked to work from home, you can see they've transformed the window bay into a work space for Chandler to work as a...well, whatever his job is? A transponster?


After Rachel decided to get off the plane to be with Ross, she moved in and gave the space the "Green touch".

It's no surprise that Rachel would have stuck to her fashionista talents when redecorating the home, and the first to go was the purple walls.

Once again we see "less is more" playing a part here. Chic furnishings, modern design, perhaps Rachel went from Ralph Lauren to maybe a role with Potterybarn?

Cabinet doors have been installed hiding the plates and utensils to give off the minimal illusion.

After making the infamous English Shepard's Pie Trifle there's no way Rachel would be cooking in that kitchen, but with only one chair at the table you can see that she clearly isn't hosting for the group anytime soon...that was Monica's gig.

The new home office area is very en vogue where no doubt Rachel creates her latest designs.

Let's not forget that Emma will be also living here, and by the looks of it, there are strict instructions that she keeps her things in her bedroom.

Very sophisticated and extremely Rachel.


Now, this will have been the second time Joey will have lived here.

So that's what that back wall looks like?

Like something out of GQ magazine, this decor screams modern bachelor, the perfect space to entertain the ladies. The first thing that catches our eye is the return on the white board on the door with his famous catch phrase "how you doin'?".

This time darker tones spread around the apartment, with grey being the dominant colour. A "lad pad" wouldn't be complete without a dart board hanging on the wall.

Now Joey was more into the eating of food instead of the cooking it, so it's no doubt the kitchen space has been invaded by a new foosball table (remember they had to destroy the old one to rescue the baby chick and duck?). Though there better not be any animals allowed in this pristine apartment.

Pat the Dog got to stay and nods to Joey's career hang proudly on the wall.

No home office for Joey, but instead a place for his upgraded Barcalounger chair where Hugsy currently occupies.


Now when we last saw Ms. Pheobe Buffay, she had found her happily ever after with Mike and by the looks of this apartment...her 'Smelly Cat' royalty cheques must have rolled in.

It's no shock that Pheobe's bohemian style is evident all around. The walls have gone from purple to an earthy green with wacky and eclectic patterns strategically placed around the apartment through furniture and accessories. 

No doubt Pheobe went from vegetarian to full-on vegan, so no a single piece of leather or fur can be seen, just natural fabrics and natural light to stream through.

Of course, Mike would be living here too, but being a chilled kind of guy he let Pheobe's eccentric charm enrich the apartment. Like Joey, Pheobe has no use for a home office, so a nice songwriting space takes over the window.


Now it's time to see how "Mr. Dinosaur" would decorate the famous home.

First of all, we're surprised to see a lack of dinosaur decor, but instead a gorgeously presented space. Along with Emma, Ross' son Ben would be occupying the space from time to time, so you can feel that this is very family welcoming.

The kitchen's minimal look is kept and the blue and oranges marry well giving it a cosy library feel.

A gorgeous home office where Ross can no doubt get the perfect view of his former home (a.k.a. Ugly Naked Guy's apartment).

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