25 Mar 2016

Employers warned to prepare for National Living Wage

Employers warned to prepare for National Living Wage


Employers are being warned to prepare for the introduction of the National Living Wage, which will see many workers get a pay rise from next week.

Hundreds of thousands of Scottish workers are set to benefit from the increase on 1 April, which will push the current minimum hourly rate from £6.70 to to £7.20 for people aged 25 and over.

Many full time workers will see their pay rise by around £900 a year.

Businesses need to act

Businesses need to ensure that they are compliant as of 1 April, and employees need to know whether they are eligible and where they can go they have not received the pay rise they are entitled to.

Scotland Office Minister Andrew Dunlop said: "The UK Government’s National Living Wage is key to our commitment to generate a higher wage, lower tax, lower welfare economy. As a result of the new National Living Wage, hundreds of thousands of workers in Scotland will get a much-needed pay rise.

"It is crucial that employers in Scotland are aware of the change and understand what they need to do."

Employment law experts

Employment lawyer Elaine Elder, an Associate at Aberdein Considine, said the changes will give a boost to more than one million workers in the UK. 

"There may be businesses which are unaware of the new legal requirement," she said.

"Employers in Scotland must place close attention to this increase and it is vitally important that they understand and implement the changes accordingly and are compliant as of 1 April.  If any employers are unsure on how to do this, they should contact us to discuss further."

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