15 Dec 2016

The 9 things you need to do to sell your home in 2017...

The 9 things you need to do to sell your home in 2017...

Are you thinking of selling your home? If so, you need to read these nine crucial tips to help find a buyer.

Not too long ago, it was the norm to only move once or twice in your entire lifetime.

These days, however, the average person moves around every six years or so.

Moving can be long and stressful and take up time and energy, so why do people do it?  According to recent research, the main reason for moving house is down to lifestyle.

Technological advances have also increased activity in the property market. Before Estate Agents had websites, it was much harder and more time consuming to go and meet with them to discuss suitable properties - but the internet has changed that.

Being able to browse through different properties at our leisure online means that people can see the different properties and areas they could live in if they were to move.  It also means that it is easier for buyers to move abroad for a period of time, before returning to a house in the UK.

With government schemes such as Help to Buy in place, more young people have jumped onto the property ladder than ever, but with house prices continuing to rise, will this encourage homeowners to stay put or will they choose to cash in on the increasing value of their home?

If you fall into the latter here are some helpful hints and suggestions to maximise your property and encourage a successful sale.

1) Get those garden chores done

As soon as a potential buyer comes to your home, their first impression will be of the exterior. People aren’t looking for botanical gardens, but a clean and neat finish is important.  A lick of paint to the fence or garage door will make a huge difference, and if you have slabs then a quick pressure wash will leave them like new.

2) A lick of paint

Over time, painted walls and ceilings naturally take on a dirty and lived in look. Giving the walls a fresh layer of paint is a cost effective way to revive a home, but remember to keep it neutral and play it safe when trying to sell as everyone has different taste.

3) A lick of paste

The same applies for wallpaper. Edges can become tatty and leave an unfinished look to a room, so it is worth stripping back to the bones and pasting some new paper. Again, don’t go for anything too wacky!

4) A sparkling bathroom

Ensure that any silicon around showers or baths is watertight and isn’t peeling away. Aside from looking grubby, the last thing you want before moving out is a bathroom leak that can leave you with fewer pennies and angry downstairs neighbours if you live in a flat!

5) Finish your jobs

If you have been in the process of a major DIY project such as re-laying flooring or fitting a kitchen, then don’t leave the job half complete. It may seem like a great deal of effort to finish the task when you won’t necessarily feel the benefits, but you can reap the rewards by presenting a finished home to buyers.  It can also be off-putting to buyers who want to move in without taking on any additional tasks.

6) Small touches

If you have previously knocked a few holes into the walls for picture hooks but have taken the picture down, remember to fill these. The little touches don’t go unnoticed.

7) Safety first

Ensure there are no loose wires or open sockets in the property that are not only unsightly, but can also be dangerous.

8) Consider professional help

If you have a bigger project that you feel needs to be sorted before you put your home on the market, then look into hiring a professional to get the job finished quickly. Although it will cost you more than doing it yourself, it could add a significant amount to your home’s value, leaving you better off in the long run.

9) It's a house to you, a home to them

You will find when discussing purchasing a property with an Estate Agent we will refer to your purchase as a “home”.  Yet if your selling property it can be referred to as a “house”.  There is a reason for this.  Buying property is often an emotional decision, but when selling property you need to remove emotion from the equation.  You need to think of your home as a marketable commodity.  Property.  Your goal is to get others to see it as their potential home, not yours.  If you do not consciously make this decision, you can inadvertently create a situation where it could take longer to sell your property.

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