02 Dec 2015

Comment: Tips for selling property in West Lothian

Comment: Tips for selling property in West Lothian


Sinead Wood, Branch Manager, shares her best tips for selling property in West Lothian.

  • Location is key.West Lothian Council statistics show West Lothian residents are within 1 hour drive of 60% of the population of Scotland and 54% of all Scottish businesses. This is a key selling factor so make sure you drop it into conversation.
  • New developments are much in evidence in the city. If you’re selling a contemporary house, remember to promote the benefits of buying new: lack of maintenance, energy efficiency, advanced design and technology (often with designer kitchens and bathrooms) and modern layouts. (this one applies to us).
  • Transport links have been greatly improved from West Lothian to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and further afield within the past years. Find out if your potential buyer is a commuter as this sway them.
  • Many people travel far and wide to come to shopping in West Lothian. Livingston Designer Outlet is one of the favourites.

Sinead Wood, Branch Manager

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